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INVERTER 3,7 KW για ηλιακά αντλητικά συστήματα CINVERTER 3,7 KW για ηλιακά αντλητικά συστήματα B

Inverter Solar Pumb Setec Power SGY5500H 5,5KW / 230V

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Κωδικός: 10-25-004

Inverter Solar Pumb Setec Power SGY5500H 5,5KW / 230V


The Setec Power system consists of solar pumping inverter pump , pump and battery c / b plaision.Analogisteite inter alia ,

that the water storage is more efficient than storing electrical energy,

the system is designed to lead directly to the pump without a battery ,

which can reduce the cost of building operation and routine maintenance , apotelesmatika.

I photovoltaic array consists of multiple photovoltaic panels connected in series / parallel , which can feed the entire energy system ,

the conversion of the absorbed solar radiation into electricity .

The solar pumping inverter can implement the control of the operating system ,

which powers the pump by converting direct current produced by the photovoltaic array into alternating .

The converter can adjust the output frequency , depending on the intensity of radiation in real time ,

to carry out the monitoring of the maximum value ischyos.I pump is driven by an AC motor 3-phase pump water from deep wells or pumped water potami.

To discharge into water tank or directly connected to irrigation systems or water .

Technical Data:

• Power : 5,5 KW
• Minimum DC voltage : 450 V
• Max DC voltage : 750 V
• Voltage MPPT: 500-600 V
• Output voltage threephase: 380 V
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Additional Information

Weight 10.4 kg
Dimensions 52 x 26 x 17 cm

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